A first-of-its-kind foundation mist
for a slimmer, more contoured face.

From the moment you spray it on, a beautiful
transformation occurs.
Your face is slimmer. Sharper. More contoured.
An innovative fusion of foundation and carbonated mist,
ReFa FIZZ FOUNDATION was developed in response
to a careful study of facial structure and contouring.
It provides an effortless and innovative way
to achieve an elegant contour.

  • * Cosmetic effects
4,800 yen each (excluding tax)
5,280 yen each (including tax)
Two color variations/No primer needed/SPF20 PA++
For a light, translucent finish

Our convenient CO2 Retention
Method infuses
the foundation
with carbonic acid.

Our original CO2 Retention Method technology enables us to infuse ReFa FIZZ FOUNDATION with carbonic acid,
which is locked in by the net-like structure of the Carbonated Gel.
To spray, simply attach the foundation bottle to our Mist Unit.

Achieve a slimmer, more contoured face
with our Double-Base Formulation.

We reinvented foundation with our Double-Base Formulation. Our Carbonated Gel primer evenly coats the skin with high-concentration carbonic acid while our pigmented Synchro Powder settles over it. Together, these two layers of cosmetic coating prime your skin with powerful skincare benefits while making your face look slimmer with long-lasting contours.
* Cosmetic effects

A contoured finish that lasts

Our Carbonated Gel primer evenly coats the skin’s natural contours. Spraying the foundation on with a carbonated mist provides a long-lasting, contoured finish.

A primer that locks in moisture

Our Carbonated Gel primer forms a sebum barrier to lock in moisture and protect your skin from dryness. Your skin stays moisturized and smooth until you remove your makeup.

Flexible coating for longer wear

The soft, ultra-fine Synchro Powder fuses with the Carbonated Gel base to form a flexible coating. By adjusting to every movement of your face, it resists wearing off and maintains a beautiful finish for an extended period of time.

*1  Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein (moisturizing agent) *2 Hydrolyzed collagen (moisturizing agent) *3 Hydrolyzed elastin (moisturizing agent)

Our Mist Unit combines the foundation
and carbonic acid at the moment of application.

To ensure a perfectly even coating, lasting wear and maximum skincare benefits, our Mist Unit is designed to combine the foundation and carbonic acid precisely at the moment of application. Simply attach the CO2 gas cartridge to the ReFa MIST, and a coat of foundation infused with 99% pure carbonic acid will be sprayed evenly across the surface of your skin.