Wanting to be beautiful is a natural human desire.
In a sense, it is almost an instinct.
What we do to make ourselves beautiful excites and entertains us, and brings a genuine smile to our faces. Using lipstick or hairstyling products for the first time is a real thrill, and the care that we put into beautifying ourselves can be one of the great joys in life.
It is also true, however, that many women have been shackled by a societal pressure to be beautiful––a pressure that can turn into an obsession.

We believe that it is wrong for beauty care to feel like a duty or an obligation for anyone, regardless of gender. Instead, we believe that making ourselves beautiful should be a joyful and entertaining experience for everyone.

Our mission is to liberate beauty care by disrupting the beauty care industry.
To that end, ReFa products begin with ideas that go beyond conventional thinking––and are designed to change people’s lifestyles for the better.
By redefining what beauty care can be, we are transforming it from a chore into a joyful source of entertainment.


If you have a passion for beauty, explore the passion behind ReFa.