Amazing power in a compact body.
Dries hair quickly1
with a smooth, shiny look.

The speed of hair drying and the beauty of the finished look: these two things are diffcult to achieve at once, but ReFa took on the challenge together with top Japanese salons and a world-renowned motor manufacturer.
As a result, this long-awaited smaller and lighter compact dryer was born.
It can dry your hair quickly1 than you'd ever imagine just by looking at it, and it boasts our original technology and methods that recreate professionals' techniques.
Together, these traits vividly defy conventional dryer technology.

  • 1. Compared to our previous model, the ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER PRO, released in 2021 (survey conducted by MTG)
  • Note: The effectiveness may differ depending on the environment the product is used in and the type of hair it's used on.


38,000 yen (including tax)

We've designed the air with our original technology.
It dries your hair in an instant
and helps you get the finished look you want.

It's equipped with a powerful motor that's the smallest and lightest1 available for hair dryers-the HPD Motor-
which was developed in collaboration with Nidec, a world-renowned motor manufacturer.
The wind generated by the motor reaches all of your hair and your scalp evenly,
giving you a quick dry that's perfect for your busy everyday life.
We carefully designed the dryer to control how the air flows and how it touches your hair and scalp
in order to give you silky-smooth hair from blow drying alone.

  • 1. Within the ReFa brand

A quick dry and a silky-smooth finish:
Our original technology gives you the ideal hair drying experience.

HPD Motor
A powerful motor that's the smallest and lightest1 available
delivers amazing power in a smaller body.

We needed a compact, powerful motor in order to offer quick drying in a compact body.
Thus, ReFa turned its attention to brushless motors, which are also used in automobiles and air conditioners.
We worked together with Nidec-a world-renowned manufacturer in that field-to create a small, high-speed hair dryer motor with a diameter of approximately 29 mm and a speed of approximately 100,000 rotations per minute.

  • 1. Within the ReFa brand

High-speed High-pressure Aero System
The blowing system structure's design enables
beautiful styling and quick drying1.

The newly developed fan motor transforms air into a high-speed, high-pressure wind that offers quicker drying
performance1 than the previous model, despite its compact body.
Our original wind barrel structure delivers wind to your hair and scalp to dry them quickly and beautifully.

1. Compared to our previous model, the ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER PRO, released in 2021 (survey conducted by MTG)

The ideal texture and styling, created with technology
that recreates professionals' techniques.

Sensing Program
Drying your scalp and hair at heat levels that are suitable
for them to protect them from heat damage.

Professional stylists divide the scalp (where you can feel heat easily) and ends (where you can't feel heat easily)
into separate zones and blow dry them at temperatures that suit each zone.
Knowing this, ReFa developed a new Sensing Program that faithfully reproduces professional techniques.
A built-in sensor selects and starts a program based on the ambient temperature that automatically controls the air temperature,
aiming to keep the air below 50°C for the scalp and below 60°C for the hair.
This prevents situations where the scalp doesn't get dried properly but the hair get overdried.

Hydro Ions
This dryer generates ions and
delivers them to every inch of your hair.

An ionizer is mounted on inside of the dryer to ionize molecules in the air.
The filter in the air outlet is also coated with a ceramic that emits far-infrared rays.
Working in combination, the ceramic coating and ionizer generate Hydro Ions and deliver them to your hair.


Compact Design
Amazing specs at a light and easy-to-use size.

Despite being equipped with the technology to achieve a professional finish,
the blow dryer's weight has been reduced to about 330 g, which is about 45% lighter1 than the previous model.
Its maneuverable, easy-to-operate size and weight make your daily hair drying time more comfortable.
You fold up the handle while twisting it, which makes this hair dryer even more compact and convenient to carry.

1. Compared to our previous model, the ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER PRO, released in 2021 (survey conducted by MTG)

Just like a professional's techniques: Look like you just stepped
out of the salon with separate modes to suit your scalp and hair.

Meant to be used when you start drying your hair, this mode dries the scalp and the 3 to 5 cm area of hair along the hairline. Dry your whole scalp, staring from around your ears and working your way to the nape of your neck and the back of your head.

Use this mode to finish up your hair in its entirety after drying your scalp. It gives you a moist and glossy look at a temperature that won't overdry your hair.