・Use after washing your face and applying your regular skincare products.
・Lightly shake foundation bottle before use.

When using the ReFa Mist main unit:

Consult instruction manual carefully.

  • Remove liquid foundation bottle cap, then attach ReFa Mist unit bottle cap.
    *Do not discard foundation bottle cap. You will need it for storing the liquid foundation between uses.

  • Do not insert the suction hose to the projection in the middle of the ReFa Mist unit bottle cap.

  • Attach ReFa Mist unit bottle cap to the ReFa Mist main unit.
    *Seal cap tightly to prevent the liquid foundation from leaking.

Standard Way to Use

  • 〈step.1〉
    Holding the ReFa MIST about 10 centimeters away from your skin, spray each side of your face in a large number “3” shape from your chin up to your forehead.

  • 〈step.2〉
    Spray back and for th once along each cheekbone.

  • 〈step.3〉
    Blend with a sponge.

  • For areas where you want more coverage, spray directly onto a sponge - and then use the sponge to apply the foundation to your face.