The hair and the brush complement
each other's beauty.
100% natural boar bristle brush,
aiming for a lifetime of excellence.

Sleekness, texture, shine̶everything will be different.
A handmade brush fashioned by craftspeople using only
carefully selected natural bristles will bring out your hair's
luster and smoothness every time you use it.


28,800 yen (including tax)

The result: a premium brush
with natural, black, stiff bristles

Separate out each and every hair, and polish it to a beautiful finish. Since long ago, only hair brushes have been able to do this. So, we decided to create an ultimate one for the new era.
The result is a brush that won't just make your hair beautiful: it'll resonate with it the more you use it, so your hair will make it beautiful, too.

100% natural boar bristles.
Contains just the right amount of moisture and oil,
and the more you use it, the more it adapts to your hair.

With a moderate hardness and moisture and oil content, natural wild boar hair will polish your hair, and adapt to suit it better the more you use it. It's a special material that'll grow into a lifelong item.

The moisture and oil in the boar bristles coats each strand of hair, preventing static electricity buildup.

Densely planted by craftsmen completely by hand.
Captures strands of hair between the bristles, and smooths out the cuticles.

Densely and vertically planted hard boar bristles firmly capture hair strands, smoothing out the cuticles and bringing shine.

Carefully designed for professional style brushing without the need for any special techniques. A single brush for hair care, styling, and scalp care.

Easy to look after

It comes with a special brush for taking regular care of it.

Perfect as a gift, too

The luxury box means it's also perfect to give as a special gift.

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