Buffup your skin and hair with bubbles
that'll bring out their inner beauty.

We should all care about the kind of water we shower with every day.
Turning their attention to the water that touches you the whole time you're taking a shower, ReFa have created ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE-a showerhead born from thinking long and hard about what sensitive skin needs.
Ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles in the water embrace your body with warmth and comfort, hydrating your skin for stress-free cleansing.
Refine your skin and hair's beauty each time you shower.


30,000 yen (including tax)


33,000 yen (including tax)

Ultrafine Bubbles & Microbubbles:
Two kinds of bubbles for even
more beautiful skin

To keep the water in your bath or shower from irritating your skin, ReFa has incorporated Japanese Fine Bubble technology into the design of the ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE. This technology enables our revolutionary showerhead to create two kinds of bubbles: ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles. Substantially smaller than typical bubbles, each type possesses a unique cleansing mechanism that unclogs pores to help bring out the visible beauty of your skin.

Cleansing Mechanism:
Hydrophobic Interaction

1.Hydrophobic dirt particles attach to the hydrophobic surfaces of the bubbles.

2.By absorbing these dirt particles while floating to the skin’s surface, the bubbles gently remove it from the skin.

Double Cavitation: Technology that saturates water to
the maximum capacity with two kinds of bubbles

This unique structure uses pressurized dissolution and double cavitation to instantly generate ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles in water.
We calculated the size and number of holes in the shower head to achieve a silky-soft flow of water that’s gentle on the skin.

Two kinds of bubbles that make your skin
more beautiful with every shower

Double the cleansing capability

Ultrafine bubbles gently flush out your pores to remove impurities from deep inside of them, while microbubbles unclog pores by latching onto impurities and floating away.

Immerse your entire body with warmth and comfort

Place the showerhead in your bathwater to enjoy a silky smooth bubble bath.
Two types of bubbles envelop your skin in warmth and comfort while gently removing dirt and grime from your pores.

Hydrates the skin

The hot water from this shower head permeates deeply and evenly into the skin's keratin layer, leaving your skin hydrated and moisturized.

  • Test subjects: Eight men and women
  • Test method: The test subjects washed their arms with a facial cleanser, then let them acclimatize at room temperature (23.0°C ± 2°C) for 15 minutes. The inner sides of their forearms were then showered with ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE (temperature 36.0 ± 2℃, flow rate 4.6 ± 0.4 L/min) for 40 seconds, then the water content of the stratum corneum was measured.

A choice of four spray patterns
to meet your skin's needs

With four separate spray patterns to choose from, the ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE can be customized to meet a variety of skin needs: removing impurities from a particular area, warming your whole body, or saturating your skin with hydration.

A convenient home spa experience
that helps you conserve water

One-step attachment makes installation easy.
Replacing your showerhead with the ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE can reduce your water usage by up to 53%.1
1. Using the Mist mode

ReFa PURE CARTRIDGEReFa PURE CARTRIDGEEffciently reduces the chlorine in water

Our original two-layer cartridge continually reduces the residual chlorine and
dirt particles in water, so it comes out pure and sediment-free.

Fine Bubble Industries Association (FBIA) Registered Product
ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE is certified as conforming to the Fine Bubble Industries Association (FBIA)'s product certification and registration system standards.

The FBIA logo and the term "FINE BUBBLE" are registered trademarks of the FBIA in Japan, which is dedicated to promoting the development and application of fine bubble technology.

  • ※ Note: Measurement of bubbles generated per mL of water flow (water temperature 40℃ ± 1℃, hose flow rate 9 L/min). Values fluctuate depending on water quality, environment, and season. Ultrafine bubbles >> NanoSight NS300 (FBIA designated testing agency) (pure water; mist mode; September 26, 2022; measured 7 times in total). Number of bubbles: mean = approx. 11 million, max. = approx. 24 million (after subtracting blank value). Bubble diameter: mean = approx. 0.15 μm, mode = 0.10 μm Microbubbles >> SALD-7500 (FBIA designated testing agency) (tap water; rain mode; July 27, 2022; measured 5 times in total). Number of bubbles: mean = approx. 3,900, max. = approx. 4,100. Bubble diameter: mean = approx. 31 μm, mode = approx. 28 μm.