Protect your skin from changes in temperature, UV rays, dryness and other environmental stressors with this breakthrough beauty powder.

Beauty comes from strength. Formulated to shield against environmental damage, ReFa PROTECT POWDER is especially effective at protecting the skin from sudden changes in temperature — a source of stress on the skin that has been overlooked until now. This highly functional, ultra-lightweight powder protects your skin from all angles without sacrificing comfort for a clear, smooth and beautiful appearance.

4,600 yen (excluding tax)
5,060 yen (including tax)
Pink Beige/SPF40 PA+++
Pink Beige
For a glowing, translucent finish
  • Pink Beiget

First Line of Protection
Hollow grains of powder form a barrier to protect
your skin from changes in temperature.

In order to protect the skin from sudden temperature fluctuations between indoor and outdoor environments, ReFa PROTECT POWDER is composed of grains that are hollow like balloons. As the powder settles on your skin, it forms a thin barrier of air that insulates and protects.

Temperature changes
take a toll on your skin.

When you move from a warm to a cold environment(or vice versa), your skin is exposed to sudden temperature changes that can reduce skin barrier function. This can lead to dryness, roughness and other skin concerns.

Second Line of Protection
SPF40/PA+++ formula protects your skin from UV rays.

ReFa PROTECT POWDER is formulated with SPF40/PA+++ protection against UV rays. But unlike greasy liquid sunscreens, it has a lightweight feel on the skin. Its hollow powder texture gently protects your skin from UV damage without weighing it down.

Third Line of Protection
Moisturizing agents protect your skin from dryness.

With each hollow particle coated in powerful moisturizing ingredients like gold collagen*2, squalane*3 and jojoba oil*4, ReFa PROTECT POWDER protects your skin from dryness for as long as you wear it.

*1 Polyquaternium-61 (Moisturizing agent) *2  Water-soluble collagen (Moisturizing agent) *3 Squalane (Emollient) *4 Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba)seed oil (Emollient)