Controls water, heat, and pressure for
long-lasting curls with a silky soft,
healthy-looking finish.

ReFa CURL IRON PRO reproduces the soft, moisturized curls like those you have on your way home from the salon. The hair's surface is completely dry, and yet the hair is packed with moisture, creating a silky soft texture.
The secret is that our technology recreates the techniques of professionals, who use their senses to control the heat from the curling iron and the moisture levels in the hair.
The uniquely developed Carbon Layer Plates distribute heat evenly and reduce damage caused by water, heat, and pressure to enable perfect styling with four different rod sizes to choose from.

  • Note: Effectiveness may differ depending on hair type and the environment in which the product is used.


25,000 yen (Including tax)
Photo:ReFa CURL IRON PRO (Φ38)

Carbon Layer Plates control water,
heat and pressure levels

Control over water, heat and pressure levels is the most important element in styling hair.
Because curling irons can take a long time to heat the hair, they tend to dry it out in the process.
By carefully adjusting the heat, speed and pressure of the plates, professional Japanese hairstylists are able to create beautiful,
long-lasting curls without damaging the hair.
ReFa's proprietary Carbon Layer Plates use cutting-edge technology to
reproduce the techniques of professional Japanese hairstylists.
The three-layer structure comprised of high-density carbon, a heater and a low-rebound coating controls water,
heat and pressure levels with expert precision to create long-lasting curls with a silky soft, healthy-looking finish.

Reduce damage

Applying heat to wet or damp hair will create a water vapor explosion1, which results in damage to the cuticles.
The structure of ReFa's Carbon Layer Plates allows for the gradual transmission of heat,
which prevents water vapor explosions1 and subsequent damage to the hair.

Hair with water vapor explosion2 damage

Hair with no water vapor explosion2 damage

  • 1 An explosive phenomenon that arises when water vaporizes as a result of coming into contact with an extremely hot material.
  • 2 Human hair bundles were washed with shampoo, dried with a hair dryer, and sprayed evenly with distilled water before use. The ReFa CURL IRON PRO was used with and without Carbon Layer Plates. In each case, it was used at the 180ºC setting 50 times (equivalent to about 10 days of use). After use, the surface of the hair was analyzed with a scanning electron microscope.

Create beautiful curls

The high-density carbon base enables the plates to heat the hair evenly,
allowing for the creation of beautiful, perfectly-defined curls.

Prolong curl definition

The Carbon Layer Plates prevent excessive evaporation, which helps maintain the hair's moisture levels.
In the process, they help the hair retain its shape for prolonged curl definition.

Without Carbon Layer Plates1

With Carbon Layer Plates1

  • 1 The ReFa CURL IRON PRO was used with and without Carbon Layer Plates. In each case, it was used at the 180ºC setting. A section of hair was wrapped around the iron one and a half times, heated for 10 seconds, and then released. Pictures of each case were taken immediately afterwards. The hair was left at a temperature of 22±1ºC and a humidity of 50±5% for 12 hours. Pictures were then taken of each case.

Heat sensing for even heating

A built-in heat sensor monitors the temperature of the iron's rod in order to raise it rapidly.
This allows it to heat the hair evenly for beautiful, quick curls.


Four rod sizes allow for a much wider range of styles.
Creates a hairstyle like a pro at your fingertips.

Large curls and an hourglass shape for an elegant Korean look

The latest goddess-like look is completed by loosely curling the hair and creating an hourglass shape around the face.

With medium-length hair, curl the ends loosely and outward to create the vogue style that gives you a slimmer-looking face.

Relaxed, loose waves for a feminine look

Relaxed, loose curling creates a natural, effortless look.

Medium-length loose waves give you a more glamorous look.

Defined, volumizing waves for a cute and bouncy look

An elegant, hourglass look with soft volume is perfect for any occasion.

Defined waves create a mature yet cute look.

Tight curls for a refined permed look

Curls with perm-like motions give you a casual yet elegant look.

Short hair can be styled with tight curls and motions that create an instant and refined look.

For international travel and business trips. The perfect look, wherever you go.

The ReFa CURL IRON PRO is multi-voltage and can be used overseas without a voltage converter.
Even when you're travelling or out on a business trip, you can still create your perfect, favorite look.

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