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High concentration beauty serum
that brings out your expressive beauty
while relaxing your skin.

The serum is designed for the most active areas of the face around the eyes and mouth.
The more you move, the more beautiful the expression, protecting the skin from drying and keeping the skin soft.

Price 10,000 yen (excluding tax)
11,000 yen (including tax)
Volume Approx. 50mL



Supplies the skin

Three peptide complex neuron Xs contained (Argireline*1, Leuphasyl*2, Iniline*3).

Keeps the surface of the skin soft

Contains Stoechiol*4.

Promotes the normal function
of the skin

Contains Platinum nano colloid*5 and Himalayan raspberry*6.

*1 Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (toning)
*2 Pentapeptide-18 (toning)
*3 Acetyl Hexapeptide-30 (toning)
*4 Lavandula Stoechas Extract (toning)
*5 Platinum Powder (moisturizing)
*6 Rubus Ellipticus Root Extract (moisturizing)