Get the nuances you want, just like that.

A cordless hair iron designed to help you mimic those
subtle nuances professional hairstylists create easily,
beautifully, and without damaging your hair.
Get a refined air and slimmer-looking face1, in an instant.

Teaming up with top salons, ReFa has created a hair iron that will help you get the nuances you want, just like that.
The brand has now turned its attention to how professional hairstylists create such great looks with just a few pinches of textured strands in the bangs, at the ends, and on top.
Through original technology and a method for styling easily, beautifully, and without damaging your hair, you'll be able to get a refined air and slimmer-looking face1 effortlessly.

  • 1 Styling effect.
  • Note: The effectiveness may differ depending on the environment the product is used in and the type of hair it's used on.


14,500 yen (Including tax)
Photo:ReFa FINGER IRON ST (White)

Professionals' fingertips control 1-cm pinches of hair.

Hair that's just been styled at a salon has strands that create subtle,
beautiful movements-nuances-in the bangs, at the ends, and on top.
The trick lies in controlling 1-cm pinches of hair.
Professional hairstylists don't have to style the hair all over.
All they do is control 1-cm pinches of it in the bangs, at the ends, and on top.
That's all it takes for them to create a refined look and make your face look slimmer.
We studied the techniques that only professionals have, unraveled their secrets,
and recreated them-the professionals' hands, eyes, and honed sense-so that anyone can use them.

Original technology that recreates the techniques of professionals.

Style easily and beautifully, without damaging your hair.

The key to a nuanced hairstyle is 1-cm pinches of hair.
You might not get what you expected if you take larger sections like when you're styling the entire length.
Professional hairstylists take just 1-cm sections and control the hair iron so as to not damage the delicate strands.
Replicating this pro technique, the Finger-Shaped Carbon Layer Plates have a three-layer structure and the perfect size for 1-cm sections, to help you style easily, beautifully, and without damaging your hair.

Easy to use, like your own fingertips.

The plates have been designed to be fingertip-sized, making it easy to style 1-cm sections. Everything about this iron has been engineered to mimic your fingertips―including the cushioning and the slim shape that lets you effortlessly comb it through your hair.

Styles beautifully.

The high-density carbon base enables the plates to heat the hair evenly, helping you style it beautifully.

Reduces damage.

Applying heat to wet or damp hair will create water vapor explosions,1 damaging the cuticles.
The structure of Carbon Layer Plates mildly transmits the heat, preventing water vapor explosions1 and damage to the hair.

Hair with water vapor explosion damage2

Hair with no water vapor explosion damage2

  • 1 An explosive phenomenon that arises when water vaporizes as a result of coming into contact with an extremely hot material.
  • 2 Used on untreated hair (hair that's never been colored, permed, or otherwise treated) after it was sprayed with water. The ReFa FINGER IRON ST was used with and without Carbon Layer Plates. In each case, it was used at the 180ºC setting 50 times (equivalent to about 10 days of use). After use, the surface of the hair was analyzed with a scanning electron microscope.

Use the iron in 10 different ways, and instantly get a hairstyle
that's so nuanced it looks like the work of a pro.

Easy, beautiful, and with no damage.

Curling face-framing strands used to be hard to do with conventional heat-styling tools.
Now Finger-Shaped Carbon Layer Plates have made it a piece of cake.
Whether you want a loose or defined look, it'll create what you're after while being gentle on your hair,
leaving even damage-prone ends feeling silky-soft.

For both a refined air and a slimmer-looking face1. Get the exact look you wanted.

Finger-sized and versatile. The iron helps you create the illusion of a slimmer-looking face1 and delicate frame without any diffcult techniques. On top of that, it'll also solve concerns like waviness, dullness, and flat hair. For any hair length, and any gender. It's great for styling hair in a wide range of ways.
1 Styling effect.

Cordless, so you can
use it anytime, anywhere.

When you're putting on your makeup in the morning or retouching it while out and about in the evening, you can whip out this cordless little helper and use it quickly even if you're at a table or in restroom with no power outlet to hand. Stay confident all day long knowing that now, you can do your makeup and hair anytime, anywhere.