Pro-Sensing and Hydro Ions provide
silky soft, healthy-looking hair.

When you’ve just stepped out of a salon, your hair is perfectly styled ‒ yet surprisingly silky and soft. While the outer layer of your hair follicles are completely dry, the inside of each follicle remains hydrated and healthy thanks to professional hairstyling techniques that involve using the eyes and hands to perfectly monitor the heat from the dryer and the moisture levels of the hair.
The ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER uses cutting-edge technology to replicate these same professional hairstyling techniques with Pro-Sensing automatic temperature adjustment and Hydro Ions for silky soft, healthy-looking hair that looks like you just stepped out of a salon.

  • Note: Effectiveness may differ depending on hair type and the environment in which the product is used.


36,364 yen (Excluding tax) 40,000 yen (Including tax)

Pro-Sensing controls the hair temperature to stay below 60℃

Heat from hair dryers is one of the main causes of hair damage.
The primary types of heat damage are protein denaturation and a decrease of moisture in the hair due to overdrying. Haircare professionals constantly monitor the heat with their fingertips and switch between warm and cool air settings to prevent the hair from overdrying.
The unique Pro-Sensing technology in the ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER protects the hair from heat damage with a heat-controlling target sensor, which monitors the temperature of hair and automatically switches between warm and cool air to keep it below 60℃ at all times.

Without Pro-Sensing

The temperature rises above 60℃ right after you start using the dryer, and soon reaches nearly 100℃.

With Pro-Sensing

The temperature stays below 60℃ for the entire time that you use the dryer.

Note: Tests conducted in an environment with a temperature of 22 ± 1℃ and humidity of 50 ± 5%.
The dryer (ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER) was held so that the air outlet was approximately 5cm from the head.
A thermography camera (provided by Nippon Avionics) was used to measure the changes in temperature on the surface of the hair.

Hydro Ion Generator

The ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER generates replenishing Hydro Ions.
High-Density Carbon × Ionizer
The inside of the ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER is equipped with a 99.9% pure high-density carbon plate and an ionizer.
A dedicated heater attached to the carbon plate heats it up easily, causing the generation of far-infrared rays.
By ionizing water molecules in the air, the ionizer generates Hydro Ions.

For both a silky and voluminous finish.

You can choose different modes for giving your hair a silky or a voluminous finish.

For silky hair

Sensing: MOIST

For voluminous hair

Sensing: VOLUME UP