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A precision engineered scalp beauty
device that awaken the beauty of your hair,
skin and facial.

Replicating the circular thumb kneading technique of a professional beautician, the ReFa GRACE HEAD SPA kneeds the scalp with Quatro 3D electric rollers. Equipped with two different brushes and modes of operation, this elegant device can be customized to meet your individual scalp care needs. By gently drawing the scalp upwards, the ReFa GRACE HEAD SPA provides a comfortable stimulation that helps visibly enhance the beauty of your hair, skin and facial expression.

Price 29,800 yen (excluding tax)
32,780 yen (including tax)
Materials [Main Unit] ABS resin, POM, stainless steel, silicone rubber
[Brush] Silicone rubber
[Charging Stand] Acrylic resin, ABS resin
[Water‐Resistant Stand] Polypropylene
Weight [Main Unit] Approx. 322g
[Charging Stand] Approx. 196g
[Water‐Resistant Stand] Approx. 30g
Items Included Charging Stand, Water‐Resistant Stand, AC Adapter, Kneading Brush, Cleansing Brush, Cleaning Cloth, Instruction Manual, How to Use Guidelines, Guarantee Card, Warranty Certificate
Size [Main Unit] Approx. 113mm × 93mm × 131mm
[Charging Stand] Approx. 132mm × 106mm × 52mm
[Water‐Resistant Stand] Approx. 120mm × 103mm × 42mm
Model RF-GH2114B



Esthetic Method

Multidirectional Quatro 3D electric rollers replicate the circular thumb kneading technique of a professional beautician to consecutively grip and gently draw up your scalp.

Each roller is positioned at a 15° angle to provide 3D movement, which allows the stiff skin of the scalp to be firmly gripped and gently drawn upwards.

The precise calculation of each roller's direction of rotation produces up-down and right-left counter pressures that consecutively grip and draw up the scalp in four separate locations.

Form and Function

The round handle is ergonomically designed for a safe and secure grip in the bath or shower. The elegant acrylic charger doubles as a stand after charging is complete.

Waterproof Construction

Conforms with JIS standards for water resistance (equivalent to IPX7) for safe use in the bathtub or shower while shampooing.