Loosen your scalp's stiffness*
with a nice, comfy pressure,
whether your hair's bone dry or
dripping with shampoo.

Stimulation you'll get hooked on, and is way better than what your own fingers can give. With a unique inner core structure we've developed ourselves, this marvelous brush will apply pressure right down deep into your scalp, loosening its stiffness* and leaving it feeling wonderfully refreshed.
Simply press it onto your scalp to take care of the stiffness and fatigue that's been building up there without you even knowing it. You'll be hooked on that refreshed feeling in no time.

  • * Effect as a shiatsu substitute.
  • * Effect obtained when using it by pressing it on.

ReFa HEART BRUSH for SCALP [Shiatsu substitute]

2,700 yen (excluding tax)
2,970 yen (including tax)
Photo:ReFa HEART BRUSH for SCALP(Mat Rose)
Mat Rose

Shiatsu substitute
Loosen stiffness* yourself, whenever suits you.
For a scalp that feels supple and refreshed.

Simply press it onto your scalp whenever you feel the need. Through a unique design that offers the functions of a shiatsu substitute, it'll bring you three very welcome benefits: loosening muscle stiffness,* improving blood circulation,* and relieving muscle fatigue.* Your scalp isn't very sensitive̶and that means its muscles can easily get very stiff. So, it'd love for you get into a new habit: treating it to some tender loving care whenever it needs it. That way, it'll get to feel all refreshed, light, and soft.

  • * Effect as a shiatsu substitute.
  • * Effect obtained when using it by pressing it on.

"Core fingers", developed by us to make it feel
just like someone's giving you a soothing bit of shiatsu.

To give you the comfortable loosening sensation of a shiatsu, we've developed "core fingers" that have the same structure as human ones. Each one has an inner core and the brush has 22 of them in all, so it can relieve that stiffness comfortably by providing plenty of stimulation all in one go. You can also choose how strong to make it feel by pressing harder or softer.

Fits the roundness of the scalp nicely

The 3D fit structure hugs the scalp nicely to give it uniform stimulation.

Heart-shaped so it's easy to grip

It fits the hand snugly, so you can apply the optimal pressure to your scalp.

Use it when you shampoo, too

It's easy to make it a normal part of your daily life, and includes a stand that's designed to let moisture simply drain away.