Giving your hair a shiny finish in one
stroke, and tidying it all in one go.

Snugly fitting the roundness of your head to capture your hair in wide, deep batches and brush it without missing any out, it'll smoothly loosen and shine even the difficult-to-reach back and tangle-prone interior, giving you a deep shine and a seamless finish all over.


3,455 yen (excluding tax)
3,800 yen (including tax)
Photo:ReFa AILE BRUSH(Rose Gold)
Rose Gold

The three-level bristle structure detangles
and adds shine
at the same time

Detangling bristles

Take on tangles from every angle and gently detangle the hair without damaging it.

Polishing bristles

Brush the hair's surface layer so it regains its shine and feels smooth.

Tidying the surface of your hair all in one go,
so it'll look wonderfully neat

With long bristles and a round-fit shape that hugs the roundness of your head,
it'll even thoroughly catch the tricky-to-brush hair at the back and in the interior.
And because it can brush a wide area all at once, the surface will get nice and tidy, and shiny as well.
This will open the door to creating beautiful styles that are even more seamless.

Even updo styles will
only take one stroke

Even the hair on the back of the head can be caught with one stroke without missing any out, making looks like updo styles a breeze, too.

For your scalp
as well as your hair

The round-tipped bristles give your scalp pleasant stimulation, and contain an agent that reduces static electricity.