Go deeper and get more comfortable.
Get a full-fledged head spa
experience with our evolved scalp lift1.

For stiff scalps, which stop your beauty from flowing freely: the ReFa BEAUTECH HEAD SPA offers new and improved hold2 born from our original technology that replicates estheticians' techniques, as well as a deep approach for hard-to-move scalps.
Evoke beautiful skin and hair starting from your scalp with daily scalp lifts1 that consecutively grip and draw it up.

  • 1. The movement of gripping and drawing up the scalp with a device
  • 2. Compared to our previous model, when using the kneading balls


30,000 yen (excluding tax)
33,000 yen (including tax)

The scalp is an important part of the body that is linked
not only to the hair, but also to the skin's beauty.
However, it has low subcutaneous fat levels and has to be
moved using the hands, so it tends to get stiff without being noticed.
That's why caring for it daily is essential.
Your scalp needs care created especially for it.
Evoke the beauty you dream of with this full-fledged
head spa that you can enjoy with no hassle.

Our original technology that replicates
professional estheticians' skills to bring you comfort

Esthetic Method

Multidirectional Quatro 3D electric rollers replicate the circular thumb kneading technique of
a professional esthetician to consecutively grip and gently draw up your scalp.

Each roller is positioned at a 15° angle to provide 3D movement, which allows the stiff skin of the scalp to be firmly gripped and gently drawn upwards.

The direction these precisely designed rollers move in produces vertical and horizontal counterpressures that grip and draw up your scalp at around 740 times per minute.

Two attachments to choose from

These two attachments that you can choose from based on your scalp condition or
mood were carefully designed with shape and hardness in mind.
They apply pressure to the scalp in different ways, so you can enjoy the different sensation offered by each.

Use these balls when you want to grip and draw up your scalp more deeply. We chose a ball shape that applies firm pressure to the scalp's surface. They offer hold with a contact area of about 1.8 times larger1 to work strongly on your scalp.
1 Compared to our previous model, when using the kneading balls

Use these brushes when you want to grip and draw up your entire scalp comfortably. The centers of the brushes apply pressure while the perimeters grip your scalp for a close-fitting experience. You can also use these when washing your hair.

Form and Function

With a shape akin to an art piece, the ReFa BEAUTECH HEAD SPA will blend right in to your room. We put thought into every aspect of the design, all the way to the stand that protects the attachments.

Easy-to-hold body

The body is 10% smaller than the previous model, and the round handle fits snugly into your hand. It's easy to hold and move around, so you can care for your scalp with the perfect amount of pressure.

Waterproof Construction

Conforms with JIS standards for water resistance (equivalent to IPX7) for safe use in the bathtub or shower while shampooing.

One-button mode selection

The more you use it,
the more refreshed you'll feel.

[Test method] The test subjects used the ReFa BEAUTECH HEAD SPA once a day while washing their hair and then evaluated it in a questionnaire afterward.
[Test subjects] 16 men and women in their 20s to 50s
[Period of use] 4 weeks

  • Notes: Survey conducted by MTG. The effects may vary from person to person.
  • Note: The data reflects personal opinions.