Effortless facial hair removal
with zero irritation for brighter,
smoother-looking skin.

Enjoy a safe and hassle-free shaving experience anytime,
anywhere with the ReFa SKIM SHAVER. Gently glide this
elegant electric shaver over your skin in small circles to
remove peach fuzz without causing any irritation or
damage. Skin is visibly smoother after use, optimizing the
benefits and ease of skincare and makeup application.


4,800 yen (Excluding tax)
5,280 yen (Including tax)

Smooth skim shaving removes peach fuzz without damaging the skin.

A double-layer structure with a slit guard over the sharp inner blade enables the ReFa SKIM SHAVER to thoroughly remove vellus hair (peach fuzz) while protecting the skin from irritation and damage. Since the inner blade never comes in direct contact with the skin, you can shave your face safely from any angle.
Simply glide it over your skin for gentle, painless and hassle-free hair removal.

General shaving

Direct contact between the blade and the skin can cause damage.

Smooth Skim Shaving

No direct contact between the blade and the skin for gentler hair removal.

Double-layer structure made from skin-friendly stainless steel

A double-layer structure formed by the inner blade and guard helps you achieve beautiful, smooth results while still being gentle on your skin. The durable blade is fashioned from a special variety of stainless steel designed to minimize skin irritation.

LED ring light

By illuminating the skin in a large circle, the LED ring light makes it easy to see the short, thin vellus hairs –and helps ensure that you won't miss a spot.

Rotate to use or store

The compact, lidless design makes it easy to take the ReFa SKIM SHAVER with you wherever you go. Simply rotate the device to reveal the shaving head, and it's ready to use straight away. When finished, rotate in the opposite direction to store.