Start your journey to beautiful skin
with ReFa's IPL device.

For those who want healthy, glowing skin,
ReFa proposes this IPL device that effectively
takes care of unwanted hairs,
yet can be used easily and with peace of mind.
Its simple design boasts only the necessary features
we carefully selected, making it ideal for those
new to self-care.
We want you to experience the joy of feeling beautiful
without a troublesome hair removal routine.
The power of light will lead you to smooth,
endlessly touchable skin from head to toe.


27,273 yen (excluding tax)
30,000 yen (including tax)

From a burden to the joy of feeling beautiful:
hair removal changes your skin in itself.

ReFa considered what it could do to create beautiful skin with a healthy glow.
In pursuit of new possibilities, we found a light technology called IPL.
Also popular in salons, IPL is a form of technology that turns the burden of hair removal into the joy of feeling beautiful.
Continued use not only makes unwanted hair less noticeable, it also makes the skin itself more beautiful and bright.

The device removes unwanted hair through light flashes that target the hair's dark pigments (melanin pigments). The light from IPL flashes diffuses across a wide area, so you can use the device without worrying that the heat will concentrate in one spot.

Peace of mind, even for first-time IPL device users:
five flash levels to choose from.

The results of self-care using light flashes are exciting, but at the same time, many worry about the heat being painful.
IPL works by targeting dark pigments and generating heat, so the amount of heat energy generated depends on your skin color.
Each person also has a different level of sensitivity to heat.
The ReFa BEAUTECH EPI offers five flash levels to choose from, letting you adjust the power level to the one that feels right for you.

Skin-beautifying effects lead to supple, moisturized skin.

IPL light wavelengths are known to beautify skin̶salons use them in facial treatments for that purpose.
It leads to supple, moisturized skin that feels endlessly touchable.

Making hair removal a little easier and more effcient:
combine different lamp cartridges and modes to use on different areas.

With two lamp cartridges and two modes, you can use what works best for each curve of your body and area of your skin.
For arms, legs, and other wide areas of skin, use AUTO mode for quick hair removal.
Gently take care of heat-sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini zone with NORMAL mode.
The right combination of lamp cartridge and mode can boost hair removal effciency.

For the spots that concern you, from your underarms and bikini line,
all the way to your face and fingers:
full-body care is easy with this one device.

We worry about other people's gazes and feel hair removal is essential.
However, it's likely that no one cares more about your unwanted hair than you .
That's why we added the ability to remove hair not only on your underarms and bikini zone,
but also down to detailed areas like the face and fingers.
See it, touch it, and feel the joy of having beautiful skin.