Awaken your skin with Derma Heat,
while also giving it a lift1.

The ReFa DERMA HEAT delivers heat to your skin effciently, steadily and continuously, all while lifting1 it at the same time. The key to this was achieving simultaneous warming and cooling action.

Possessing unusually high power2 for a home beauty device, the ReFa DERMA HEAT rapidly cools the skin's surface while continuously delivering radio frequency vibrational heat to it. The heat gets locked in3 and the cool skin forms a structure that envelops it, giving your skin a wonderful melty feeling inside3.

Invigorate your skin with an indescribably pleasant sensation that will open the way to even more beautiful expressions.

  • 1. Through movement of the facial beauty device
  • 2. Compared to the ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE
  • 3. Stratum corneum


70,000 yen (excluding tax)
77,000 yen (including tax)

ReFa's unique Derma Heat technology has
made it possible to simultaneously apply
radio frequency vibrational heat and cooling.

Radio frequency vibrational heat is delivered continuously deep
into the skin1, and at the same time, no heat is left on its surface.

Delivering heat thoroughly to the skin is highly desirable, but high temperatures will cause it damage. This dilemma has long been a limiting factor regarding what constitutes a suitable level of output for a home beauty device2. Derma Heat works by simultaneously applying radio frequency vibrational heat to the skin's interior1 and Peltier cooling to its surface. This means it can output radio frequency continuously while protecting the skin at the same time. Consequently, it delivers vibrational heat to the skin1 quickly, effciently, and continuously.

  • 1. Stratum corneum
  • 2. Compared to our previous model, the ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE, released in 2020 (survey conducted by MTG)

A warming and cooling sensation
that makes your skin feel blissfully melty inside1.

The coolness on the skin's surface envelops the warmth delivered to beneath, forming a structure that produces an extraordinary, contradictory feeling of being warm but not hot, and cool on the outside but warm within. Combined with the physical lifting2 action, this results in a blissful beauty experience that feels like your skin is melting on the inside1 only.

  • 1. Stratum corneum
  • 2. Through movement of the facial beauty device

Delivering radio frequency vibrational heat continuously
makes the approach nice and quick.

1. Compared to our previous model, the ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE, released in 2020 (survey conducted by MTG)
2. Stratum corneum

A wide head delivers
the care effciently.

The 40-mm-wide flat head means a large area can be lifted1 all in one go. It fits the skin snugly, enabling it to be lifted up1 nicely as well as warmed and cooled.

  • 1. Through movement of the facial beauty device

Red LEDs support
the skincare further.

Red LEDs on the left and right of the head provide further support for the Derma Heat action. If they're lit, it means the head is giving your skin the proper care.

A smart,
simple design.

The flat cap means it can stand on its end, so it only requires 63 mm x 63 mm of space. The simple design will blend nicely into your interior decor scheme.

Reports from use

Test method: The test subjects used the test products on the designated side of their face once every two days for a month.
They answered a seven-point scale questionnaire before use and after 2 and 4 weeks of use. ("1: Very bad" to "7: Very good.")
Test products: ReFa DERMA HEAT and ReFa SMOOTH GEL.
Test subjects: 24 healthy Japanese women aged 25 to 69.
* Survey conducted by MTG.
* Effects may vary from person to person.
* Data reflects personal opinions.