Even faster, even more beautiful.
Let light that pulses every 0.2 seconds1
give you skin that glows from head to toe.

For everyone who wants a speedy solution to getting beautiful skin, so they'll never have to give up on beauty no matter how busy life gets...

ReFa has created a new IPL device that brings you full-body care that won't hurt too much or take too long.

The flashes are up to around five times faster2 than ever before ̶ as little as 0.2 seconds apart1 ̶ so now, it'll take you even less time to get skin that feels so good you'll want keep on touching it.
Take up your ReFa EPI GO, and let your journey to breathtaking skin begin.

  • 1 When Level 1 is selected.
  • 2 The flashing speed, compared to our previous models.


50,000 yen (excluding tax)
55,000 yen (including tax)
Photo:ReFa EPI GO

High-speed consecutive flashes
High-speed IPL flashes will make amazingly swift work
of giving you beautifully smooth skin.

Hampered by the technical difficulties of emitting a large number of consecutive flashes at high-speed and nonstop, up to now, hair removal hasn't really gotten much quicker at all. The ReFa EPI GO has an AUTO mode in which it can emit high-speed consecutive flashes around five times faster1 than our previous models. So now, your body care won't have to take you nearly as long.

  • 1 The flashing speed, compared to our previous models.
*For illustration purposes

The device also comes with three easily-changeable attachments, and the one for the body gives you access to the AUTO mode's high-speed consecutive flashes. It also turns body care into a super-efficient process of simply sliding the device over your skin.

IPL power that even salons use will make your skin
feel so good you'll want to keep on touching it.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a technology that can remove unwanted hair through light flashes that target the hair's dark pigments (melanin pigments). The light from IPL flashes diffuses across a wide area, so you can use the device without worrying that the heat will concentrate in one spot.

IPL brings skin beauty
benefits as well.

IPL also moisturizes besides removing unwanted hair, so if you keep on using it, it'll make your skin itself look glowingly beautiful.

Skin color sensor
A skin color sensor controls
the light,
so it's also safe
to do the care yourself.

The device has a skin color sensor that won't let it flash on skin that's too dark to use it on.
This means you can also use it on the delicate skin in the VIO zone.

Now, you can get the skin of your dreams from head to toe with just a single device - one that makes light work of not just the armpits and V zone, but of notoriously tricky areas like the I/O zone and men's beards as well.

The design makes it easy to hold and turn, so full-body care can now be stress-free.

<Areas it can be used on>

  • Face


  • Underarms


  • Legs


  • Arms


  • VIO zone

    VIO zone

  • Abdomen


  • Fingers


  • Beard (Men too)

    Beard (Men too)

AttentionThis device cannot be used on the following areas:

Head, ears, around the eyebrows, around the eyes, lips, neck, nipples, areolas, navel, female genitalia other than the labia majora and perineum, male genitalia, anus, mucous membranes.

Precautions for use

  • ・Do not use this device on wet skin. Doing so may cause electric shocks or injuries.
  • ・This device isn't waterproof. Do not use it around water, in the bath, or in other very humid places. Do not submerge it in water. Doing so may cause fires, injuries, or damage to the product.
  • ・Don't touch the inside of the device's or attachments' lamp windows during or immediately after use, as they may be hot. Doing so may cause burns.

Note: Please see the included instruction manual for details.

Recommended frequency of use

The limits for using it on the same area are as follows:
・For Level 1 to 2: Up to once every 3 days
・For Level 3 to 5: Up to once a week