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Lifts and compresses to help
visibly tone the skin of your entire
body beautifully and effectively.

Featuring eight rollers on movable swinging arms, the ReFa BODY EXTREME helps visibly tone the skin of the entire body with a powerful grip kneading action. Designed to cover a broad surface area, this breakthrough body roller easily moves over the thighs, hips and other uneven parts of the body to help visibly firm their appearance.

Price 63,000 yen (excluding tax)
69,300 yen (including tax)
Materials ABS, POM, acrylic, silicone rubber, elastomer, stainless steel, nylon, platinum
Weight Approx. 710g
Items Included Instruction Manual, Guarantee Card, Warranty Certificate, Guidebook, Cleaning Cloth
Size Approx. 225mm × 110mm × 102mm
Model RF-BF2140B



  • Contents of the web manual may vary partially from the Instruction Manual which comes with the product due to changes in product specifications. We will bear no responsibility for any claims for losses or damages due to this.

Esthetic Method

Eight diamond-cut rollers on movable swinging arms smoothly move along the surface of the body with a powerful grip kneading action for firm, supple-looking skin.


Two large solar panels embedded in the handle convert available light into a stronger, more soothing microcurrent1.

Platinum Coating

The rollers are coated in platinum to extend their use over time.

Waterproof Construction

Conforms to JIS standards (equivalent to IPX7). Can be used while bathing.

1 Compared with ReFa for BODY