“Kneading” care for bringing your skin to a beautiful finish.

A deep “kneading” that is felt throughout the skin. This beautifully balanced line provides the care that brings out the best in your facial and body skin, drawing it all together for an absolutely exhilarating experience.


“Pressing and Rolling” care
for bringing your skin
to a beautiful finish.

Gentle, soothing “Pressing and Rolling”. This line is characterized by a gently, rhythmical touch and a soft gliding roll that provides comfort to the facial and body skin, pulling it all beautifully together.


Gently and effectively cleanse your skin for a beautifully healthy and flawless finish.

There’s more to washing than just cleaning your skin.
It should enhance your beauty as well. Experience the skincare line that refreshes your skin with every wash.


Skin care that rejuvenates the radiance and suppleness of your skin.

The goal is bringing out your “emotional beauty”. Here is the skin care line that approaches the relationship between facial movements and the skin to bring out the radiance of your expressions, while helping to rejuvenate the suppleness and beauty of your skin.


A scalp and hair care line for
rejuvenating your beauty.

Replicate professional hand techniques for your scalp. A scalp and hair care line that gently firms up your scalp to give radiance to your hair and bring out the utmost expression of beauty.


The “one-plus-one” line of care

ReFa continues to pursue the beauty in our lives. This “one-plus-one” care line combines a variety of ReFa items for optimum results.


Transform your hard, rough skin to something more flexible and supple.

Beauty is not just the realm of women. The research of men’s skin has led to the introduction of a new men’s line that offers a unique beauty care method for bringing out the masculine beauty of your facial and body skin.


A limited line of unlimited imagination

Here is something a rank above the rest; a special something that can make the perfect gift. ReFa offers a special limited line that has just the right amount of luxury combined with ReFa’s proven technology.