Beauty is born from symmetry.

A symmetrical beauty roller for a synchronized massage.

What makes a face beautiful? We unraveled the mysteries of facial structure, and found the answer in symmetry.
The ReFa DOUBLE RAY embraces your whole face and works both sides at the same time for a synchronized massage that helps visibly promote facial symmetry.
With complex simultaneous movements that no other massage tool can achieve, this breakthrough roller makes symmetrical facial massage easier than ever. Get in sync with your beauty.


28,800 yen (excluding tax)
31,680 yen (including tax)

A symmetrical beauty roller that embraces your whole
face for a synchronized massage.

The key to keeping your face looking beautiful is to keep your beauty regimen symmetrical.
This symmetrical roller provides the left and right sides of your face with an identical and simultaneous massage to help you maintain the beauty of your natural symmetry.

Embraces both sides of your face

The Double Drainage1rollers on each arm of the ReFa DOUBLE RAY are precisely engineered to fit every complex contour of your face. By simultaneously massaging both sides of your face, this symmetrical roller provides a synchronized massage for maximum efficiency.

Massages your cheeks and jawline

Like a professional esthetician who uses both hands at the same time to massage your face, both sets of rollers target your cheeks and jawline simultaneously. The rollers fit the jawline perfectly, embracing it from below. They adhere to the contours of your cheeks, rolling up and over them in a perfect arc.

1 Drainage is a massage technique that estheticians often perform, and is not meant to imply any effect that the product has on the body.

The symmetry of the face

The human face is symmetrical – the right and left sides of your face are mirror images of each other. Both sides complement each other to maintain the balance of the whole face. However, your posture, sleeping and chewing habits can put more strain on one side of your face than the other. Over time, this imbalance can cause your face to become asymmetrical – adding years to your appearance.

Esthetic Method

Two sets of Double Drainage1rollers are arranged symmetrically on the arms of the ReFa DOUBLE RAY in order to replicate the two-handed kneading technique of estheticians who massage both sides of the face at the same time. The flexible arms embrace both sides of the face with just the right amount of even, stimulating pressure for a beautifully symmetrical appearance.


Solar panels built into both arms of the roller generate a soothing microcurrent.

Waterproof Construction

Conforms with JIS waterproofing standards (equivalent to IPX7).

1 Drainage is a massage technique that estheticians often perform, and is not meant to imply any effect that the product has on the body.