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Treasured in gold and glowing
with beauty and life.

With an elegant design highlighted in gold and structured to reflect ReFa's the latest in beauty technology, the ReFa PREMIUM offers you a whole new level of quality skincare.

Price 130,000 yen (excluding tax)
143,000 yen (including tax)
Materials ABS, brass, acrylic, silicone rubber, elastomer, stainless, nylon, 24K
Weight Approx. 200g
Instruction Manual, Acrylic Stand, Cleaning Cloth
Size Approx. 92mm × 149mm × 61mm
Model RF-PR1854B


  • Contents of the web manual may vary partially from the Instruction Manual which comes with the product due to changes in product specifications. We will bear no responsibility for any claims for losses or damages due to this.

Esthetic Method

The ReFa PREMIUM is capable of replicating the complex kneading manipulations of a professional esthetician to help bring out your skin's radiance and suppleness.

Microcurrent Storage

With its extra large solar panel, the ReFa PREMIUM is designed to collect even more light and generate a higher level of microcurrent. It can also store microcurrent for future use – even in a dark bedroom just before going to sleep.

24K Gold Coating

Coated with 24K gold that's gentle on even the sensitive and delicate skin, the ReFa PREMIUM shines with an elegant brilliance that catches the eye and propels the hand to hold it.

Waterproof Structure

Thanks to its waterproof construction, the ReFa PREMIUM can be used while bathing.

How to use

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