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A mist unit delivers 99% pure carbonic acid
throughout the skin.

Price 34,000 yen (excluding tax)
36,720 yen (including tax)
Materials [Main Unit] ABS, stainless steel, PBT, brass, iron, silicone rubber
[Cosmetic Bottle] ABS, PET, polyethylene, stainless steel, brass, silicone rubber
[Tube] Polyurethane, brass
Weight Approx. 675g(including CO2 Cartridge for ReFa MIST)
CO2 Cartridge for ReFa MIST, Cleaning Cloth, Cleaning Wire, Instruction Manual, Setup Guide, Warranty Certificate, Guarantee Card
Size [Main Unit] Approx. 68mm × 68mm × 215mm
[Handpiece] Approx. 90mm × 18mm × 35mm
[Cosmetic Bottle] Approx. 41mm × 37mm × 65mm
[Tube] Approx. 4mm (diameter) × 1,000mm


An "inner mask of high-concentration carbonic acid"
to create a cycle of beauty within your skin.

ReFa has created a new skincare experience by combining highly concentrated carbonic acid with a uniquely formulated gel lotion enriched with beauty ingredients*1to3.
A refreshing mist produces an inner mask by changing its form within your skin*4.
This inner mask brings out the natural condition of your skin while maintaining its moisture and suppleness.
By supporting the skin's barrier function to protect it from damage and maintain its health, the mist refreshes the skin and restores its natural glow.

*1 Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein (moisturizing agent)
*2 Hydrolyzed Collagen (moisturizing agent)
*3 Hydrolyzed Elastin (moisturizing agent)
*4 To the horny cell layer

A new skincare experience made possible with a combination of highly concentrated carbonic acid, beauty ingredients*1 to 3, and form-changing gel.

Brings out skin's natural condition

Highly concentrated carbonic acid

99% pure, highly concentrated carbonic acid is contained by the gel
lotion to take the time to release the acid within the skin*4.

Maintains skin's moisture and suppleness

Three beauty ingredients

〈Pearl Extract*1〉Holds moisture in the horny cell layer.
〈Low-molecular Collagen*2〉Draws in water and keeps the skin moisturized.
〈Marine Elastin*3〉Improves firmness and suppleness of the skin from within*4.

Supports skin's barrier function

Form-changing gel

After the mist penetrates the skin, it forms a mask within*4,
which prevents water evaporation and also protects the skin from damage.

*1 Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein (moisturizing agent)
*2 Hydrolyzed Collagen (moisturizing agent)
*3 Hydrolyzed Elastin (moisturizing agent)
*4 To the horny cell layer

A fine-particle mist that reawakens your skin's beauty 10 seconds after being sprayed on.

The moment the fine mist is sprayed on to the skin, it penetrates* and completes your skincare in just 10 seconds.
The refreshing mist wraps your skin and creates a luxurious skincare experience.

* To the horny cell layer

High-purity carbonic acid gas

The lotion holds in 99% pure, fresh carbonic acid that is released within the skin* upon penetration, realizing a carbonic acid beauty care that is unique to this device.

* To the horny cell layer

Mist technology

Regulated the mist spray pressure and adjusted the nozzle diameter by 0.01mm increments to create a fine-particle mist of high-viscosity gel lotion.

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