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Refresh your skin with every wash.
Cleanse your face every day
to reveal the beauty of your skin.

Implementing MTG’s world’s‐first* 3D Sonic Ion technology, ReFa CLEAR thoroughly removes impurities that couldn’t be reached until now, just by gently sliding along the surface of the skin. The product cleans dirt and grime from the skin’s surface and pores without overburdening delicate skin. Pleasant to the touch, the streamlined body invites contact and makes face washing an elegant experience.

*According to a survey by Research Division of Japan Clinical Trial Association in August 2016

Price 24,800 yen (excluding tax)
27,280 yen (including tax)
Materials [Main unit] ABS, rubber, stainless steel
[Charging Stand] ABS, urethane foam
[Brush Head] PBT(brush bristles), ABS
Weight [Main unit] Approx. 130g(including Brush Head)
[Charging Stand] Approx. 110g
Items Included Brush head, Charging stand, Charging stand adapter, Instruction Manual, How to Use Guidelines, Guarantee Card, Warranty Certificate
Size [Main unit] Approx. 190mm × 68mm × 42mm
[Charging Stand] Approx. 73mm × 84mm × 81mm
Model RF-CL2123B


World’s first* 3D Sonic Ion technology

3D Sonic Ion technology offers a comfortable washing experience and outstanding cleansing power. Unlike hand washing,
the technology makes it possible to thoroughly clean the horny layer of the skin’s surface
as well as remove deeply embedded dirt and grime in the pores.
ReFa CLEAR effectively and gently cleans your skin, leaving it undamaged and flawless.

3D Sonic Motion

By three-dimensionally analyzing the dimensional perspective of the skin and the size of the pores, MTG has developed a 3D elliptical motion that reaches those areas which are unattainable by hand washing.
The sonic vibrations oscillate 0.2 to 0.3 mm horizontally and 0.5 mm vertically to effectively wash away dirt and grime from the fine ridges of the skin as well as the pores.

Ion Cleansing

Brings dirt and grime accumulated in the pores on a daily basis as well as makeup residue up to the surface, and removes it without causing friction damage to the skin.
It also takes full advantage of the power of ions to help prevent dirt from clinging again.

KUMANOFUDE provides a delightful sense of contact.

The brush portion adopts KUMANOFUDE, which is brimming with Japanese traditional craftsmanship.
Handmade by craftsmen, the quality of the brush alone ensures gentle skin contact and outstanding functionality.
The brush gently removes only impurities without burdening the skin.

* According to a survey by the Research Division of the Japan Clinical Trial Association in August 2016

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