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Royal Blue

A genuine presence
with a gift for beauty.
Let its luxurious brilliance
guide you to supple, glossy skin.

Featuring crocodile leather proudly produced by Heng Long Leather Co. Pte Ltd., the world-renowned tanner who serves numerous high end clients. The more you use it, the more your hand gets used to the leather and its deep luster grows more refined. A blend of the platinum glow of the rollers and the lush crocodile leather creates a presence that not only delights your sense for luxury, but helps guide your skin to beauty and radiance.

*Heng Long Leather Co. Pte Ltd. is a crocodile leather processor that handles the procurement of the leather and everything from tanning to processing with its own factory. The company’s expertise of the production process, the finish of its products and the craftsmanship are recognized far and wide around the world.

Price 130,000 yen each (excluding tax)
140,400 yen each (including tax)
Color Camel, Mandarin, Royal Blue
Materials ABS, brass, acrylic, silicone rubber, elastomer, stainless, nylon, platinum, crocodile leather
Weight Approx. 192g
Items Included Instruction Manual, About the Leather, Guarantee Card, Warranty Card, Pouch, Cleaning Cloth
Size Approx. 92mm×164mm×56mm
Model Camel:RF-LX2108B-B
Royal Blue:RF-LX2108B-C


How to care for the leather

Esthetic Method

Replicate complex and high level, professional “kneading” manipulations. Grip and glide action helps rejuvenate your skin’s radiance and suppleness.

Top Class Crocodile Leather

Produced by Heng Long Leather Co. Pte Ltd., the world-renowned leather manufacturer. A deep, lustrous finish that does the name “leather jewelry” proud.


Very mild microcurrent is generated by drawing in light with a solar panel fixed in the handle.

Platinum Coating

The surfaces of the rollers are coated in a brilliantly bright platinum, making them compatible for even delicate skin.

How to use

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