Basic Steps

Spray from the bottom upwards. Apply once on the left and onceon the right.
Repeat 2 to 3 times for a thicker application.

  • 〈step.1 Collarbone・Neck〉
    First, apply from the inside to the outside of the collarbone. The apply from the collarbone to the bottom of the ear. This will take care of the area around the neck before you start with the face.

  • 〈step.2 Face Line・Cheeks〉
    Next, apply from the tip of the chin to the bottom of the ear. Then apply from the cheek to the side of the ear. Finally, spray along the face line from the bottom upwards.

  • 〈step.3 Forehead〉
    For the forehead, spray up and down between the hairline and the brow.

  • 〈step.4 Overall・Temple to collarbone〉
    Last of all, circle the spray over the whole area and then spray from the temple towards the collarbone.

  • 〈Point care〉
    Focus your spraying on those parts of the face that concern you such as the eyes and lips.