Treasuring the time it takes to become beautiful.

A trait that all beautiful people share is that they truly enjoy the time that they spend making themselves beautiful. They look forward to the smooth texture of their favorite skincare products and appreciate their delicate scent. They use beauty rollers while relaxing on the sofa, and take time out of each day to care for their skin as well as their mind.

At ReFa, we treasure the time that goes into your beauty routine. That’s why we’re so passionate about design. Of course, our products must be functional. But they must also bring joy to the people who use them. They must be pleasing to the touch, and they must be so strikingly beautiful that they elevate the mood of all who look upon them. All of our products are designed to meet these criteria.

We want everyone to experience the excitement of picking up a ReFa product for the first time and becoming a more beautiful version of yourself. Our goal is to transform your daily beauty routine from a chore into a time that you look forward to and treasure in every way.

A lasting beauty that will last, now and forevermore.

Beauty is achieved by leading an active life and awakening your innate vitality. At the beginning and end of every day, we want to give you a time that you’ll be excited about – a moment that you’ll look forward to and treasure.

Our beauty products are designed to provide a joyful and personal experience for everyone, regardless of age, gender, circumstance or location. To this end, we invented an entirely new kind of beauty regimen – one that combines high-tech beauty devices with premium skincare products and supplements to cultivate your beauty from the inside out.

By offering individual solutions to help each of our customers lead a life full of vitality, we help them become beautiful not just in the present moment, but for the rest of their lives.

We are as passionate about skin as we are about product development.

What distinguishes ReFa from other beauty and wellness brands is the meticulous care that we put into developing our products.

Our skin is far more susceptible to irritation than we realize. If our beauty rollers were only designed to feel good, they could have ended up causing subtle irritation over time. By taking into account multiple stressors to the skin that most people are unaware of, we fine-tuned the angles of our rollers to a hundredth of a millimeter – and then tested the results over and over again until we got it right.

Thanks to the rigorous care that goes into our design process, ReFa beauty rollers feel exceptionally good against the skin. Not only do they perfectly fit every contour and uneven surface of the skin, but they provide the optimum amount of pressure. This attention to detail extends to the development of all ReFa products, including our skincare formulas and beauty supplements – which we also develop in-house according to our strict guidelines.

A beauty brand committed to bringing joy and excitement to the whole world.

ReFa was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping people around the world become beautiful in the most joyful and exciting way possible. Thanks to our wide range of approaches and technologies, we have made tremendous progress towards achieving that goal.
As the future unfolds, we will continue to create new beauty routines based on increasingly innovative combinations of beauty devices and skincare. In so doing, we hope to provide people all over the world with new opportunities to enjoy their beauty routines and enrich their lives.
We firmly believe that our perspective, which is unique in today's beauty industry, will change the way beauty care is practiced and perceived 100 years from now. We will continue to do everything we can to bring beauty to all who desire it.