Standard Way to Use

Since the purpose of this product is to cleanse the pores of the scalp, we recommend using it before or during shampooing.
<During shampooing>
Lightly work the shampoo into a foam with your hands and spread it all over your hair. Firmly press the SWING RING brush onto your scalp at the hairline above the forehead, move it slowly toward the top of your head, above the ears, and down to the hairline on the back of the head.
* If you move the brush through wet hair too quickly, it may get caught. Be sure to brush wet hair gently, a little bit at a time.
<Before shampooing>
Use the brush before shampooing to untangle your hair and bring any impurities in the pores to the surface of the scalp. We recommend gradually brushing the front, sides and back of your head in sections – the same way you do during shampooing.
* You can move the brush quickly through dry hair, as it is less likely to get caught than with wet hair. Finger‐comb your hair to smooth it out, and closely monitor the condition of your hair as you use the brush.
<More ways to use this product>
After shampooing, you can use this product to evenly spread conditioner from the roots to the ends of your hair. You can also use it on dry hair to smooth it out and untangle knots.
* If you're concerned about static electricity, lightly wet the brush or your hair before use.

  • Move the product bit by bit along the portion you are bothered by, applying enough strength to make you feel good.

Recommended ways of holding

  • 〈When holding with right hand〉

  • 〈When holding with left hand〉

  • *The ways of holding shown above are examples. Grip the Main Unit firmly by wrapping it in the palm of your hand and holding the Handle with your fingers. Do not drop the product.