There are 3 modes (soft, clean, and deep). Select your preferred mode according to situation or use.


Do not use facial cleansers that are handmade, contain a scrubbing agent, or have peeling or cleansing functions.
If the foam is runny and gets in your eyes, put the foam in one hand or a soap dish and scoop it up with a brush.
Combined use with ReFa MEDICAL CREAM WASH (sold separately) is recommended.

Standard Way to Use

  • 〈step.1〉
    Create a rich lather with the face wash.
    * Use it after removing makeup.

  • 〈step.2〉
    Spread the foam over your wet face.

  • 〈step.3〉
    Wash your face using the mode you prefer.

  • 〈step.4〉
    Thoroughly wash off the face wash.

Basic Face Washing Steps

[soft][clean] Once in the morning and once in the evening, twice a day.

Gently move the brush in a circular motion.
Simply touch the skin without applying pressure.

  • Wash both cheeks.

  • Focusing on the face line, wash your overall U-zone.

  • Focusing on the T-zone, wash the finer parts such as your nostrils.


Focus on a part that concerns you and move the brush while drawing circles.
Simply touch the skin without applying pressure.

  • Plus care for areas of concern.

  • Special care prior to skin treatment such as a face pack.