Design your beauty with collagen.

of collagen in a single bottle.

ReFa’s highly concentrated formula featuring outstanding,
high-quality collagen.

ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH was developed with FUJIFILM Corporation, one of the world’s top producers renowned for its research and development of collagen as well as its capability to procure the raw materials. The goal was the highly concentrated, pure and lowmolecular collagen that you would not find in any other drinks because ReFa is committed to deliver only the highest quality.

160,000mg of collagen in a single bottle, only with ReFa.

ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH, our 160,000mg of highly concentrated formula, in a luxurious beautiful bottle was created out of new ideas and high-tech development. Its absolute quality is another reason to be proud of our product.

  • Uses only highly pure collagen extracted in the first purification process.

    Collagen is extracted at a low temperature to suppress its deterioration. ReFa uses only the first squeeze collagen as a raw material.


  • Low-molecular collagen that is easy to be absorbed

    The molecular weight of collagen in ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH is said to be easy to be absorbed into a body when compared with other collagen products.


  • Supportive ingredients; Vitamin C and Cysteine Peptide*

    ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH contains Vitamin C to support collagen and Cysteine Peptide* to support vitamin C.

    *Yeast Extract